Firefox Copy/Paste Bug – Fixed

Well i was having this issue on Firefox 3 and did quite a bit of reading up on the issue and tried the suggestion at Firefox Copy & Paste Bug: (Not) Fixed!!, with no luck and then i read through Copy & Paste problem with FireFox 3 (STILL NOT SOLVED After all!!! ) and noticed that a number of the people who had this issue had IE Tab installed. So when someone mentioned disabling addons, i disabled all of them and tried copying and pasting and it worked fine, so one by one i enabled them and thinking that IE Tab maybe the cause i enabled it the last and it was the problem.

The weird thing is that the problem wouldnt happen on all pages, but whether or not the page has the problem you can always Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C to copy the whole contents of the page without any problem. Well i was using IE Tab 1.2 because it was the last version that didnt crash firefox when i switched views from firefox to ie (of course i used MR Tech Toolkit to make that possible). So i decided to upgrade to the latest version of IE Tab (1.5) to see if it crashed and it did. I thought it maybe because of another addon was conflicting with it and that didnt help either, so i’m back to square one. So i have the choice now whether to enjoy copying/pasting or use IE Tab. Hope this solution helps someone. :)

6 comments March 25th, 2009

Etisalat Unblocks Stumbleupon After Blocking it Couple of Days Ago

stumbleupon_logoTo those who do not know, Stumbleupon is a website that allows users to rate websites and share them with their friends and with other users who have the same interests as them. Just by installing the Stumbleupon toolbar on Internet Explorer or Firefox the user sets his interests and by just clicking “Stumble” he will be able to jump from one website to another, so for example if one of his interests is gardening he will come across gardening websites, then he can rate it and like that Stumbleupon will understand what the user likes and dislikes to refine choice of websites to be stumbled.

Web surfers in the United Arab Emirates got the bad news two days ago that Etisalat the largest Telecom Company in UAE have blocked access to StumbleUpon and users were getting errors when clicking on their StumbleUpon Toolbar. People were angry, mad, and all kind of bad feelings you can think of, all sort of people from your regular web surfer to the Web Developer, all did not like the news and tried to contact Etisalat and ask why is this happening, but you always would get your regular answers. Some Web Developers and Bloggers actually use StumbleUpon as a way to promote their websites.

But today morning, and like every morning (I know am addicted :) ) I clicked on “Stumble” button of the StumbleUpon Toolbar and was shocked that it worked, I tried again and again and it worked, then just to confirm it I went to just to check if the homepage would load fine and it did. So I hope this comes as good news to all stumblers in UAE :) .

2 comments July 8th, 2008

Download Firefox 3 Now and Make Guinness World Record History


Well I know it is quiet silly, but you you bet it is a nice marketing stunt that works. Urging people to download Firefox 3 and be part in breaking a new Guinness World Record. But to do that you need to download Firefox now, or basically until 5pm UTC/GMT time.

Earlier they were taking pledges from people that they will be downloading on download day which was decided few days ago. Heck even I got into it and added a button in my blog to encourage people to do so.

Ofcourse Firefox 3 has a huge number of improvements, they claim its around 15 thousand improvements, watch the Firefox 3 features tour, which just gives you a quick look into the new Firefox. I was following beta after beta and I can confidently tell you that Firefox 3 is so much better than Firefox 2 but more importantly it is really better than any other browser out there, the only other browser that I can think that would be as good as Firefox is Opera which had their version 9.5 released few days ago. Sadly their release did not go with a bang like Firefox, only the very loyal Opera fans knew about it.

I can easily say that Firefox is the favorable browser by those new to Computers and Internet equally as to those who are power users and if you wish “techies” or maybe “geeks”. I am not writing a love poem about Firefox, every application has its problems, but judging with what is available now, Firefox is the best.

I will be writing few posts during the following few days about Firefox and its new features. So if you wanna be part of the Official Guinness World Record go and download Firefox 3 now ;)

Add comment June 18th, 2008

WhatPage: Without Installing any Software Rotate your Home Pages

whatpage2 I do not usually use specific home pages, I use Flock browser, so I get “My World” page which does all what I need. But if you usually set a Home Page in your browser, and if you have couple or more websites you like to have as home pages is what you need.

After you signup and login you enter to your list page, where you can add upto 100 URL’s to be your homepages. You can order them the way you want to. You are given one link to use as your homepage in your browser. After setting your browser, everytime you open your browser or click the “HOME” icon you are sent to a new URL from your list.

What is nice about this service is that it is hassle free, and has no ads and you simply do not need to install anything. But for those who use firefox it is very simple to set multiple Home Pages. I guess nowadays I rarely see people have more than one main start page. Most of the people I know either rely on start pages such as iGoogle, Netvibes and Pageflakes or rely on the sorts of “My World” in Flock browser, or simply reload last browsing session ;)

1 comment May 9th, 2008

Taboo: Firefox Addon to Cleverly Save Tabs

taboo After spending around an hour browsing I end up having too many tabs opened, sometime I could reach maybe fifty or a hundred opened tabs!! And that just makes surfing the net slower, and when I look back on my opened tabs I realize that more than half of them I just would like to save to read later.

taboo Taboo is a Firefox addon that helps in doing just that, developed by Jesse Andrews, Ian Fischer and Manish Singh. After installing it, two new buttons will show up one has a “+” and the other has a “T”. Pressing the plus button saves the tab, not only the page is saved but actually even the scroll location of where you have reached reading in the page and if you were filling a form, the content will be saved too.

To access the saved tabs click on the “T” button, there are two views to access the tabs, either by Grid or Calendar, in the Grid view you will be shown thumbnails of all the tabs you have saved, you can get a better view of the tab by moving the mouse over the thumbnails where you will get a bigger snapshot of the page accompanied by the Title and the URL.

Grid View

On the other hand, the Calendar View will show you one thumbnail on each day on the calendar and when you click on any day all the thumbnails of all the tabs saved on that day will be shown.

Calendar View

The other feature that I like the most is the search, quickly find saved tabs while typing in keywords. You can also access the latest 15 saved tabs from the drop down menu when clicking the arrow beside the the “T” button.

A newer version of the extension is promised by Jesse Andrews to release soon with new cool features such as a mosaic view and resizing in the grid view.

Taboo could be useful for many reasons, such as bad browsing habits like over tabbing,  or while working on a project and reading materials from number of sources. Whatever your reason is, if you surf the net, you need Taboo. If you still do not use Firefox or Flock, you are in trouble :)

2 comments April 29th, 2008

BuyLater: Firefox Addon to get Alerts for Amazon Items

bylater Although I do not shop much online, but I do bid on some auctions from time to time, and most of websites I use have a feature were you get alerts either by email or SMS when the price or status of the item has changed.

BuyLater is a firefox extension that alerts you by either email or twitter (which could be forwarded to your cell phone)  everytime the status or price of your item in amazon has changed, it does so by adding a “Buy This Later” button bellow Amazon’s “Add to Shopping Cart” button. So for example if the item was out of stock you will be emailed when it becomes available, or if the price changes.

When you are viewing an item you already added to your “Watch List” the button will be “You’re Watching This”. Ofcourse the extension is only available for Firefox and Flock, and it works only with Amazon, and you can easily maintain your items watch list online.

I believe that Amazon will eventually add this kind of feature themselves. I wonder why they didn’t until now.

Add comment April 7th, 2008

Use Stumbleupon using any Web Browser

stumble Stumbleupon is a very cool way to discover the net, you simply choose what kind of websites you would like to stumble upon, and then with a simple click you stumble from one website to another, recommended by people like you. Stumbleupon will better know your taste when you give those websites a thumbs up or down, you can even write a comment about the website.

One tiny problem with stumbleupon is that you have to download a toolbar so you will be able to do all these things, now here comes the disadvantage is that the toolbar can be installed on IE and Firefox only, so those who use Opera or Safari wont be able to use stumbleupon. Although a while ago Opera did have a WIDGET for stumbleupon but for a while now it is not available.

Anyway, now Stumbleupon is testing a new way for stumbling without the use of the toolbar, you can stumbleupon websites using any browser. Just go to  and you will see a virtual Stumbleupon toolbar which has all the options and features of the regular toolbar. All what you can do for now is hit stumble to go to a random website, you can’t use your stumbleupon account and you cant vote for any website since this is still in demo phase. Happy stumbling.

Add comment February 13th, 2008

Firefox 3 Beta 2 Address Bar is Driving me Crazy

Ok, I know I have advised everybody not to install Firefox 3 Beta 2 as a replacement to the latest stable version, because this is just a beta and it is buggy. But I did start using it, and to be honest although a lot of the extensions dont work with it yet, and it does have a problem or two but I still did not mind and kept using it.

The only thing that annoys me is the new address bar, i know it is useful, but it is big and just irritating :)

CyberNet has a really fast way to get your old classic address bar…

  1. Start Firefox.
  2. In the Address Bar type “about:config” and press Enter.
  3. Right-Click and select New->Boolean.
  4. A box requesting the Preference Name will popup and you should enter “browser.urlbar.richResults ” (without the quotes). Press OK to continue.
  5. Select “False” from the box and press OK again.
  6. Restart Firefox

[Via CyberNet]

Add comment December 25th, 2007

Firefox 3 Beta 2 is available for download

firefox3b2 Just around a month after releasing Firefox 3 Beta 1, here comes Beta 2. Just like the first time, this is just beta, so only use if you don’t mind unstable browser and incompatible extensions.

One major improvement every Firefox user was looking for in this release is a solution for memory leaks and the huge memory footprint, and guess what, at last more than 300 memory leaks has been fixed, 11 improvements of the memory footprint and a new XPCOM cycle collector which should eliminate many more memory leaks.

firefox3b2dm Other new features include new download manager which allows you to easily locate the downloaded file and display where the file came from. A new autocomplete function in the location bar allows you to just type part of the title or tag or the address of a page to see matches from your history or your bookmarks. A new Smart Bookmarks folder allows you to have a look at the most pages you visited or the latest bookmarked pages or latest tagged.

In general Firefox 3 is just looking better and better with every beta release, to have a look on all the latest changes in Beta 2, you can read the Release Notes.

Add comment December 20th, 2007

Opera files complaint against Microsoft

Opera filed a complaint with the European Commission against Microsoft to force it to make changes to Internet Explorer on Windows. Basically they want Microsoft to unbundle IE from windows or provide alternative browsers such as Opera and Firefox, Opera also wants Microsoft to make IE follow fundamental and open web standards.

I love Opera, no really I do, I used to use it as my main browser for a while and now I keep going back and forth using it and Firefox. And I RARELY use IE. And I understand what they mean by unbundling IE from windows, which is an old story, but anyway, and I am all with providing alternative web browsers.

Read more and watch Opera CTO Video after the jump…

In regard to IE following the open web standards, their argument is basically because IE has limitations and bugs in implementing the web technologies (XHTML, CSS, and DOM), and because IE is the most used browser developers are forced in make changes and tweaks to their websites to appear properly on IE. But what will happen? What do you want ?! You want the European Commission to rule that developers can only specific versions of those web technologies!!

What I see here is an angry/sad Opera because no one is using their browser, now maybe if they have been giving their browser for free from the start, things might have been different.

Here is the video of their CTO`talking about Opera’s antitrust complaint against Microsoft:

1 comment December 14th, 2007

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