Ramadan Series 2009 : Bab Al Hara 4 (Video)

July 24th, 2009 at 04:48am ibrahimo

The latest promo on MBC:

I can see the MBC network executives pulling their hair now, but no one can blame MBC, no one could have predicted this kind of chaos. Fight after fight year after year and it never ends, an actor/actress is leaving or being removed, some even being offered big bucks to move to other series !!! The fighting even reached between fans who are now in two or more teams, those who blame the director who is controlling everything now as a producer and those who accuse the actors to be troublemakers for asking more money, Yes this is the level it reached to?!

Bab El 7ara is the series that was reminding us of the beautiful old simpler times, pressing on going back to  traditional values, good manners and bravery in a society that is so polluted in our current days. How can I believe the actors in their roles any more now after seeing all what is happening in behind the scenes??

Yet MBC will still be profiting hugely from “Bab Al Hara 4” this year and the 5th season next year. I believe even if MBC just show a black screen with the words “Bab El 7ara” written in Arabic on it will be enough to catch millions of gazing glued eyes.

The first two parts of “Bab El 7ara” were too good that anything coming after that would find a gigantic audience, we all know if “Bab El 7ara 3” was shown first no one would care to follow it. It is being speculated that this season is well written and will avoid amateur mistakes that happened in the third season. I guess we can only wait and see.

And here is the “Making of” segment in the MBC Morning Show:

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  • http://smile cutiiee:)

    waz upp diz is cutiiee man i cnt wait till bab el hara4 every time i see the addI go crazy cant wait till ramadan and cant wait to go lebanon cauze im goin syria and were goin to were they act in the actuall area i cant wait im even dreamin of it me and me cusin love all actors espicially abu 3assem, ma3taz (love him), , kayriya, 3isaam and oh yeah abuuuuuuuuuu shabbbbbbbb mah cnt wait SmIlE

  • http://tunisia_kasserine hamma

    walahi 7abite bab el 7ara 1/2/3 w netmanna ykoun bab el 7ara 4 5ire menhom es merci

  • http://smile cutiiee:)

    ay hamma ur not cool ok bab elhara4 is the last epi and no mre ok and thats 4 ur information

  • aziza sahyouni

    bab al hara is my favourite t.v. show & I i can’t wait unit it goes on t.v. in ramadan

  • mazen

    i need t watch bab el hara on my computer before they put it in ramadan and now

  • http://inlebanon mazen

    i need to watch bab el hara on my coputer and now before you put it on the t.v. in ramadan

  • bab al 7ara

    wat time does bab al 7ara starts
    in lebanon on mbc -any info plz reply

  • Mohammed el ali

    liebe bab al hara
    ich möchte mich bewerben bei bab al hara

  • sarah

    what time does bab al hara 4 start and what day???????

  • sarah

    its driving me mad to find out

  • mj

    when does it actually begin…. like what time would it begin on the mbc?

  • Khoder Samie

    Good day MBC TV
    Thank you for screening bab al-hara in Ramadan
    2009. I’m just wondering how I can view the time
    slots for this series. I tried to search for it but unfortunately I got no results. Please advise.
    Thank you. Kind regards.

  • sonia


  • http://Himohamad Mohamad

    Mohamad at y go to balestin
    And slem 3la 3amte

  • http://i'mfromtunisia sarra

    i love soo much bab el 7ara4 an d i love her person(mou3ez/isam/im gozef/5ater/im zaki/

  • http://ihabgizka ihab

    no comment

  • rola

    i havhe and e a q to the director of bab al hara{did you fight with abu shhab becuse i am not seeing him and he is acting in another series}by the way i am12 years old

  • sway

    without abu shab dont do another season. this season is soo laughable verry boring

  • http://smile cutiiee:)

    watch it on mbc even though youve woudnt of been sleeping as much as u r waitin 4 it lol man this suck abu 3asam is out in bab el hara 3 buchab is out in bab el hara 4 and ma3taz is out in bab el hara 5 is their is one bye 4 now g2g ::::::::)

  • http://http/cutie cutiiee:)

    its starts every day in ramadan wat time it starts 11.30am next one is 4.30pm and the last one 8.3pm 4 times a day but i dont know the last time anyway g2g tcu take care hunn

  • http://http/cutie cutiiee:)

    ayy hammajst quite man i know all dis stuff your talking about from ages any way 4 your information all your talkin about is rubbish my word r riet and your rong take care seeyahh lol man
    came down its only a joke but still im
    right hehehhehehehhehe

    write more iitz so borin

  • nour


  • IHEB


  • rania

    i tried downloading bab al hara 4 episode 12 but couldnt get it can you help me please

  • meryem

    i love soo much bab el 7ara4 an d i love her person (mo3taz lotfiyi im 3isam kamili)

  • http://imad-omeirat-omairat pate

    jo bab al hara king wallah



  • http://ali ali

    i love bab el hara because there was so much more adventuros past

  • lina

    it starts 11.15 and 4.15 on mbc in sydney ok and it starts at night on 8.30

  • lina

    so do u get wat time it starts

  • http://y ferkh


  • http://babelhara mizz perfect


    ” 2OULO ALLAH YA RJAL”:):)


    bab el hara 4 is the best season till know because it has the most action.so wat if abu shab is not in it, this season is the best.

  • Dr. Ahmad Abu-halimah

    I just watched the last episode and I have to say: WHAT A HUGE disappointment. What a boring unpleasant and unpromising end. I guess the director and the producer just shot themselves in their heads among the nothing but shooting we watched over and over through the course of never ending fights through 30 episodes.
    This series started very promising the first 2 parts and then went downhill in the third one and now they tried to revive and resuscitate it in the fourth part and I think they killed any last hope of making it survive.
    Can’t you see guys? You stretched all the audiences through the daily fights in the first 20-25 episodes then to finish it earlier in the 25th episode when all the men went back to the hara as if nothing happened and then for you to start a new boring stories because you are running out of ideas. You brought Mamoon Baik and you did not expose him. You pretended that Abu Draa killed Abu Shihab and did not prove it nor denied it. You brought and annoying character called Al Nims and made him annoy us more for no real reason just to fill episodes and kill our time for nothing. And Abu-Bahjat that had few bullets by Essam an baby brother Motaz that lack all self control , yet Abu-Bahjat son of a gun survived so you can bring him back to us to bore us more and more. Man just let him go, his character was done and gone and it became a burned card. You just wanted to prove to the audience that you guys were so weak to finish the series or to come up with a new thing. And and and …. Never ending nonsense. You drifted FAR away from what the what was this series made for and why they really succeeded the first two parts : The series that was reminding us of the beautiful old simpler times, pressing on going back to traditional values, good manners and bravery in a society that is so polluted in our current days.
    After the first season people were anxiously waiting for next Ramadan to come to see the second part which was very successful. I wish you guys stopped there. But knowing that the money was pouring on you because of the success and instead of starting a new and may be similar series you tried to continue to the third series which was somewhat disappointing and yet you did not stop there and call it. Yet you as most of the unplanned success in our Arab world wanted to keep going without planning and to try to make it a strong start in the first few episodes where the hara people were winning one after another. But then you did not know where to stop and how to end it. So you decided to buy yourself sometime till the next year and to figure out how to stop and get yourself off the ditch. So you came up with such a miserable ending trying to convince the audience to cut you lose and give you time till next Ramadan so you can continue making us mad of knowing the you are planning to make us hate watching it more and more. If I was in your shows , I will shoot extra more 2-3 episodes and with dignity close this chapter once and forever , move on to a different adventure , close the hara door forever and try to open another door (not a hara one please). Guys try to make us not to regret watching the fist 2 parts even.
    I can tell you that I will wait for next Ramadan to come, BUT not to watch another failure of yours but to make sure that my time will not be wasted again by you.
    Unhappy and extremely disappointed Arabic viewer.

  • rim

    bmout b m3taz

  • sajina

    love m3taz 4 ever

  • radwa

    bab alharaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa is the best i loveeeeeee it soooo much and the magic person mo3tezzzzzzzzz

  • Nabil Qasem

    I agree 100%.What a disappointment finish. Part 4 was a disaster. very poor work.

  • sara alinzi

    i love bab alhara

  • sara alinzi

    i love bab alhara

  • koudri zino

    i lovo mo3taz

  • Abdulhaleem Kaid

    mo3az and abo shehab are the best actors in the whole bab al hara

  • Abedelfitouri

    when does bab al hara starts what time in canada

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